The Many Private Label Skincare Uses of Coconut Oil

In the private label skincare world there are certain ingredients that are universally loved for the myriad of things you can do with them. Multidimensional ingredients provide increased levels of practicality and efficacy, and even offer the possibility of creating an entire line around one specific ingredient. While there are many private label skincare ingredients that could fall under this category, one of the most popular is Coconut oil. From soaps and scrubs to masks and lotions, there doesn t seem to be a thing that Coconut oil can t do.

One of the unique things about Coconut oil is that it contains a high amount of an essential fatty acid called Lauric acid, and this is particularly important, as well as desirable, because Lauric acid has been shown to actually disrupt the membranes of, and then destroying, organisms like bacteria, viruses and fungi. 

However, coconut oil is anything but harsh. These disinfecting properties are delivered in a light yet moisture rich oil that goes on perfectly alone as well as when combined in other private label skincare formulas. It helps to heal, soothe and prevent irritations, infections and other skin issues from occurring, making it one of those ingredients that basically goes well in everything. And because it does more than just act as a moisturizer, the formulas it is included in carry with them the unique disinfecting and skin protective properties of the Coconut.

Coconut oil is also a great carrier oil to use for hair treatments because of its ability to really penetrate into and nourish the hair shaft. A private label base formulation of Coconut oil and Rosemary essential oil makes an excellent moisturizing and invigorating hair mask! Additionally, because of Coconut oil s light texture and smooth glide, it makes the perfect massage oil for personal and professional use. The aroma is one of very light coconut, and the skin effortlessly drinks it in. 

In today s world a blend of efficiency and efficacy is necessary, and Coconut oil is both of these things. Private label skincare that utilizes the versatile qualities of this light and nourishing tropical oil brings with it the essence of smart skincare that does its job with class. Put it in your private label lotions, hair care, massage oils and even soaps for a multidimensional private label skincare experience.
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