The Power of Mineral Makeup

Do you get tired of makeup formulas on the market now that really do nothing for your skin?  They do tend to clog your pores and cause more than your fair share of breakouts.  Most makeup on the market today contains chemicals that are harmful to your skin and doing more damage than good.

Since the last thing women want are pimples and enlarged pores, many are making the switch to mineral based cosmetics.  Mineral based cosmetics are just what they sound like cosmetics made up of natural minerals. Some of the most common natural minerals that can be found in this make up include zinc, iron oxide, ultramarine, and titanium oxide to name a few.

These minerals are ground up into a very fine powder that you then dust over your face with a makeup brush.  A fine application of any mineral make up will also leave you with a healthy, natural glow due to the reflective qualities that many of the minerals possess.  This leaves you feeling confident with a great complexion.

If you stop to take a look, conventional makeup has an expiration date on the bottles.  This is because the makeup is packed with preservatives in an attempt to keep it fresh, which mean you could never buy them as wholesale cosmetics.   With such a short shelf life, if you use the product past the expiration date, there s a chance that the product is contaminated with bacteria.

Mineral make up is a loose powder that is completely dry, meaning that bacterial growth cannot be supported in mineral make up. This means that mineral make up is cleaner.  A cleaner makeup will keep your skin looking great.

Mineral makeup comes in many forms.  They can be found in products such as foundation, concealer and powder, as well as blush, bronzers and even eye shadows.  There are many choices there are amongst the mineral makeup compared to other beauty products.

The best part of mineral skin care products is how mineral makeup actually nourishes your skin, naturally blocked out those harmful, aging UV rays while at the same time giving you great coverage. Even those with the most sensitive of skin have been able to use mineral make up with zero side effects.

If you are looking for a more natural look without the skin irritation, then mineral cosmetics are a great choice.  You can even purchase them in bulk as wholesale cosmetics.  This is a great idea to purchase the wholesale cosmetics if you are looking to stock up at a great price or share your new discovery with your family and friends.



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