The Private Label Production Process

Once you ve made the decision to work with a private label manufacturer for your company s skin care products, it s time to begin the production process. Knowing where to get started and what to expect during the process will help things to go more smoothly for you and help you get your product ready for your customers more quickly.

The first decision you need to make when beginning the private label production process is whether you want to use one of our stock base formulas, or create a custom formula of your own. Our stock base formulas are high quality products that have been proven through a series of testing and research. There are many options to choose one and you re sure to find something that fits your needs exactly.

If you have a specific ingredient or result in mind that is not covered by our stock formulas, we have our entire product development team at your disposal to help you come up with the right formulation for your custom skincare product. Our vast knowledge of the properties and benefits of natural ingredients will be put to work perfecting your product.

Once you ve decided on what formulas you want to use for your private label skin care products, production is ready to begin. During this step, you can leave all the hard work to us. Our state-of-the art facility is designed to produce a clean, high quality product for you to pass on to your customers. We accomplish this while adhering to a strict zero-waste policy and several other sustainable, eco-friendly practices. You can feel good knowing that you will be selling a high quality product while reducing your carbon footprint.

Once your batch of private label products is complete, we will run some tests to make sure your product is functioning as it should before we turn it over to you. Your product will then be neatly packaged and shipped to you. Once you receive it, you are free to label and distribute it as you please, knowing that you are providing your customers with a valuable, quality product.
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