The Three Best Winter Themed Essential Oils

In a winter wonderland, smells of pine, cinnamon, clove, orange and fresh, crisp air abound. These smells are part of what we all associate with this magical time of the year just like we associate smells of fresh grass, rain and blooming flowers with spring and smells of citrus with the summer. These smells bring up memories and create new ones. They come from nature, or the inside of our homes. And you can actually merge the two worlds of outside and inside with a simple product that holds the natural aromas of winter: essential oils. Be they from trees, roots, bark, flowers or other plant material, here are three of the best winter themed essential oils:

Cypress: Cypress essential oil has that piney, fresh and invigorating scent that reminds one of the forest. Extracted from the needles of this majestic evergreen, its aroma therapeutic gifts include feelings of comfort and calm, ease when falling asleep and is a fantastic private label essential oil to use for a scratchy throat and rough cough. Gorgeous on its own and equally wonderful blended with other oils like lemon, Lavender and Clary Sage.

Spruce: Similar to Cypress, Spruce essential oil is distilled from the needles of the Spruce tree and carries with it that bright, fresh and unforgettable high mountain forest scent. Aroma therapeutically speaking it is a fantastic essential oil for use in aiding the lungs so you can breathe easy. It s also calming and clarifying for the psyche while being invigorating to the body. Spruce blends well with similar oils to Cypress.

Yuzu: Even though it s a citrus and thus more associated with the sun and some warmth, Yuzu is a fantastic essential oil for the wintertime. In Japan they add the whole fruits to hot baths for a spa experience like no other. It is a true gem, blends great with other oils like Cypress or Spruce, and is very relaxing to the body and mind. It helps to make you feel rejuvenated and cared for, as well as better able and ready to let go of tension and pain. This oil is seriously amazing in the diffuser or bath and is unlike any other citrus oil we ve had the pleasure of knowing.

Whether you re making gifts, your own essential oil blends, adding them to your private label skincare or just want a nice, botanically powered way to relax and enjoy the winter, these are three of the very best oils for you.

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