This Just In: Preservative Free Vitamin C

Vitamin C serum is one of the most popular private label skincare products on the market, and for good reason. Vitamin C is a fantastic ingredient for all things anti aging and restorative to the skin. It smoothes a rough skin texture, brightens dark spots, softens fine lines, stimulates collagen production for wrinkle and sagging relief and helps the skin survive under the sun. It is a potent antioxidant and the number one ingredient everyone interested in overall skin well being and anti aging should be using. Because of this, we make and sell a lot of vitamin C serum- it s an RSL team favorite as well!

But that s not enough anymore. See, while a high quality vitamin C serum (like the one we make here) is great, some people don t want any preservatives in their skincare at all. Some people want to make sure their vitamin C percentage is up at 20%- regardless of how effective the form of vitamin C actually is. So, as you might be able to imagine, we have done our best to make everyone happy while also being realistic about can actually be formulated and sold as a quality product that works. 20% vitamin C doesn t matter if your source of vitamin C is as effective at 5%, and products need preservatives in order to avoid growing mold and becoming disgusting.

Until now! 

Now, we have been able to successfully formulate a completely preservative free, natural, organic and 20% vitamin C serum for the private label skincare world to revel in and enjoy. We still use our phenomenally stable and effective form of vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate), but at 20% so all you heavy hitters can go crazy. We were able to take out all preservatives thanks to a simple, non-GMO maize carbohydrate, and keep everything natural and organic in the process.

Of course we added in supportive ingredients as well to round out the formula and deliver comprehensive, full spectrum anti aging support to everyone s skin- but let s face it, we re most excited about the preservative free vitamin C. We don t know of another product like this on the market, and we are so happy to finally launch it. It s here. Don t wait.

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