Three Most Popular Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for centuries to promote good health and to reduce stress. Each oil has a specific purpose, as each scent will create a different reaction. When an oil is added to a diffuser or products such as lotion or bath soap it can create a wonderful aromatherapy experience. Here are the top 3 oils and their common aromatherapy purposes: Lavender: Lavender promotes a subtle and gently sense of calm. This creamy and floral scent is regularly blended with vanilla notes to create an even stronger stress relieving scent. It is commonly used in bath water and in sprays for pillows before slumber. It is not unusual right now to find edible products containing lavender as well including gum, cough drops and French pastries. Lemon: Lemon oil creates a sense of invigoration and inspiration. The smell can be used in cleaning products as well. It is common to use this product in facial scrubs in the morning or body washes. It can also help to prevent skin issues such as rash associated with irritation. Eucalyptus: This oil is used in healthcare products more than any other oil. It can also be used in a steam diffuser to treat respiratory problems and the common cold. It can also be used to help with the aches of sore muscles. Eucalyptus contains an incredible cooling property that is both natural and useful. But, the oil should be used with care. Women who are pregnant or are breast feeding should stay away from the oil.
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