Three Reasons to Get Your Man Beard Oil

Beard oil has taken the private label skincare industry by storm recently. Whether your guy of choice is a hipster or just a regular guy with a beard, beard oil can help to keep your man s beard healthy, smelling great and just the right level of groomed. Just like hair on our heads, facial hair benefits from special care and attention. And luckily, many of the same private label ingredients that work on the hair and skin are great for beards, and the faces they grow out of. Easy, simple and with the added bonus of smelling great, it s the latest and greatest gift to give to your dude of choice. Here s why:

It smells good: While we can t speak for everyone, we know for a fact that scented or unscented, our private label beard oil smells divine. It s a great option and alternative to traditional cologne because it still provides the scent without harmful chemicals, spraying all over the place and adding an extra step into his routine. The scent of beard oil also tends to be more subtle than a chemical based cologne, which is nice because, when properly done, can strike the perfect balance between pronounced and understated.

It keeps things under control: Even the biggest beards can benefit from beard oil. That s because a high quality beard oil can help keep a full beard from becoming so unruly that it feels like a nuisance. And if the right oils are used, the formula will be light enough so that his beard doesn t feel weighed down and hydrating enough that his beard will stay in its proper place.

It keeps things happy: Plant oils like Hazelnut and Jojoba soak into the hair shafts quickly and without leaving a greasy residue. However, just because they don t feel overly oily doesn t mean they aren t doing their job. On the contrary, they are doing all the right and good things! Frizzy, dry and unhappy beards are a sign that a little extra TLC is needed, and that s exactly what a beard oil delivers. Yummy plant oils that feed and calm the hair and skin so that everything is looking and feeling the way it should. This is especially true if some gently astringent oils are used because those will help to keep the skin tight and firm.
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