Three Tips For a Clear Looking Complexion

In this blog, we will cover three tips on how to achieve spotless skin naturally at home. When my skin would break out, I remember feeling insecure and less confident. I tried countless products, remedies, and treatments that were expensive and made little to no difference. That was way before I knew anything about understanding product formulations and proper skin care. 

Read Your Skincare Ingredient Labels 

 With thousands of private label skincare brands on the market today, it's easy to look at the attractive packaging rather than the ingredient list. The next time you shop for skincare, remember to take a look at your ingredient lists! Some ingredients to avoid in skincare when dealing with breakouts are comedogenic (pore-clogging) ingredients, harmful additives like polyethylene glycol (PEG), and artificial fragrance & perfume. Once you switch to skincare formulated without all the unnecessary additives, you will notice a change in your skin for the better. 

Harsh Products Are Not Always The Answer 

Those mornings when you wake up with a broken-out face, it's easy to want to pick at the skin and apply harsh products, but often, that can lead to causing more harm to the skin than good. Instead of picking at the skin when we wake up with a breakout, use a cooling and calming mask such as our private label Clear Skin Mask. Using a gentle mask will soothe and help the skin look clear and healthy without causing dryness. Yes, there are clear skin products that don't dry the heck out of your skin. Try mixing our private label Clear Skin Mask with another private label night cream for an overnight treatment. 

Don't Pick Your Skin, Do This Instead! 

I know it's so easy to want to squeeze that pimple but trust me to leave it to the skincare professionals to do proper extractions. Popping pimples yourself, if not done right, can cause scarring and even more breakouts. When we constantly touch our faces and pick at our skin, we actually spread more bacteria. Instead, try icing the skin. Icing the skin is a technique that uses a simple ice cube all over the face. Icing the skin has a load of skincare benefits, including reducing the appearance of redness, exfoliation, and promoting a clear looking complexion.

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