Tired of Pumpkin but Still Want the Spice?

The leaves are changing to their beautiful orange, brown and yellow colors. It s finally fall and with it comes all sorts of seasonal treats. You know what that means! Pumpkin spice. Some people can t get enough, while others wish it would just stay inside pumpkin pie. If you re one of the former, then this season is sure to be an enjoyable and abundant one for you. But, if you fall in the latter category, pumpkin spice season can be a headache. So, what s a person to do if they appreciate a good dose of spice but want pumpkins to keep it to themselves?

Try Cider and Holly: This essential oil blend delivers the perfect amount of mildly sweet and balanced holiday spice without the actual pumpkin. Orange peel and clove essential oils bring warmth, spice and sweetness that s perfectly balanced and festive without being overwhelming. While cedar essential oil lends bright, slightly citrusy and herbaceous notes that play off the warmth and slightly sweet spice of the clove and sweet orange. The result is a balanced, perfectly spicy and only slightly sweet aromatic blend perfect for the holidays and cozy season. 

Use Pomegranate: Pomegranate, while great on its own, also happens to go really well with all things fall and a warmly spiced pomegranate private label skincare product is a fantastic way to celebrate the season. You can even choose to reverse it and do a pomegranate and pumpkin pairing if you wanted to omit the spice altogether. It s fantastic for private label skincare products that moisturize, restore and rejuvenate the skin. It can be used in everything from facemasks to body scrubs and even candles.

Go for Amber: Amber essential oil, to be exact. The aroma is neither pumpkin nor spice, but rather a warm, grounding and smooth caramel sweetness satiating every need for the same kind of warmth people look for in pumpkin spice. It s fantastic when used alone as a botanical fragrance and does equally well in private label skincare products, not to mention candles and the diffuser.

Use Pumpkin Seed Oil: This is a really cool and unique way to incorporate the idea and qualities of pumpkin without going the traditional pumpkin spice route. Pumpkin seed oil has a different flavor than the pumpkin itself, yet goes wonderfully with many of the same things. It also affords you the ability to make private label body, hair and face products incorporating a different and more therapeutic aspect of pumpkin because you are using the healing lipids from the seeds instead of the orange flesh or extract.

Finding alternatives to pumpkin but still including the festive and traditional smell of warm spices can be difficult. But with RainShadow Labs here to help you find, or create, exactly what you are looking for, you don t have to worry. Whether you want to try something new and go with one of the above suggested ingredients, or stay traditional with good ol pumpkin spice, you ll find what you re looking for with us.  

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