Treating Adult Acne with Essential Oils

Are you tired of using teenage acne remedies for your mature skin? Are you frustrated with the drying and peeling caused by benzoyl peroxide? Perhaps youve noticed that these types of treatments contribute to wrinkle development. And maybe you are just sick of acne altogether. There may be a better solution, but first it is important to understand the sources of adult acne.

Most acne is caused by bacteria or fungi that inhabit the outer layers of skin.  If the immune system is weakened or hormones are imbalanced, these microbial invaders can spread infection across the face, chest, back, arms, and other areas, creating acne.

Stress is one of the major contributors to adult acne. Your body has limited immune system capabilities. Stress causes the body to reallocate resources to preparing to flee or fight, whether the stressor is emotional or physical. This compromises the immune system, leaving the individual with a lowered resistance to bacteria, fungi, and other microbial agents. If you are under extreme pressure, it is important to talk with a therapist about managing stress more effectively.

Hormones are also often involved in creating acne. Hormones can cause an increase in sebum (skin oil) production or change the pH of the body and skin, allowing excess microbial growth. Thus, it is helpful to have your hormone levels checked to see if they could be a contributing factor to your acne.

Finally, look at diet and exercise. Excessive fat consumption can increase the amount of oil on the skin. Natural foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats can improve overall health, including that of the skin. Drink plenty of water, too. Exercise helps cleanse the pores through sweating while decreasing negative endorphins, increasing positive endorphins, and helping manage stress.

Once you have addressed the underlying causes for your acne, you can treat your skin directly with essential oils. Choose therapeutic grade oils, because any adulteration can exacerbate existing acne. To control sebum production, try geranium, lemon, palmarosa, or petitgrain. To kill bacteria and fungi that trigger acne breakouts, consider tee trea oil, lemon, lavender, rose, or bergamot. Consult an essential oils expert for proper dilution and application, as each essential oil is different.

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