Upgrade Your Exfoliation with AHAs

Regular exfoliation is one of the most important keys to nurturing and maintaining healthy, vibrant and young skin. It s easy, effective, and typically only needs to be done once a week. There are a multitude of ways to exfoliate your skin, and while each person is different and will prefer their own exfoliation method, why not take your exfoliation to a new level of anti aging efficacy by using AHAs? They re no fuss, easy to use, and enhance the skin s youth in a way that normal, manual or enzyme based exfoliation just doesn t.

AHA stands for Alpha Hydroxy Acid, and while some can be found in fruits, others, such as Lactic acid, can be found in milk. What s unique about AHAs is that not only do they exfoliate the skin in a similar fashion to fruit enzymes, but they actually speed up skin cell turnover so that the skin is always fresh, plump and glowing. 

Alpha Hydroxy Acids encourage skin cell turnover by two methods. First, they dissolve the intracellular glue that holds old and rough skin cells together. Second, they bring the young, new and juicy cells to the top layer of skin that has just been freed of the old and dehydrated cells. The new and young cells then take the old cells place, which keeps your skin at the peak of fresh, dewy and smooth.

AHAs can be used in basically any private label skincare formula you choose. They can most definitely be featured in an exfoliating mask, and would do just as well in a moisturizer, serum, in addition to a manual scrub, or in a daily cleanser. It should be noted that regular use of Alpha Hydroxy Acids can cause some degree of photosensitivity, so if you do include them in your private label skincare products, appropriate care must be taken. This typically looks like wearing sunscreen or a hat when you know that you will be in the sun for a long time. 

While Alpha Hydroxy Acids have been used in the private label skincare industry for a while now, they re by no means old news. These little guys will continue to be as effective and useful now as they were years ago. They re a great and no-fuss way to get your weekly exfoliation in, and have the added benefit of keeping the skin full of young, healthy, perfectly plump cells.
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