Uses for Aromatherapy Products

Aromatherapy can be fantastic for lifting the mood or the spirit. You can create the perfect atmosphere with the right scents used separately or together to invoke emotions and relieve stress.

Essential oils are the best source of aromatherapy. They create a pure and powerful scent that the mind, body and spirit seem to respond to better than any other scented materials. They are made from the most natural of resources such as rose petal oil or lavender oil.

Many people choose to scent potpourri arrangements, adobe ornaments and dried flower arrangements with essential oils. Designer burners, reed infused bottles and other decorative sources also use these scents to create a joyous atmosphere in the home or workplace.

Spas use these oils in many of their treatments as well. Massage oils, lotions and even hair products are scented to create a relaxing and pleasurable experience. Many times the scent is chosen by what type of spa treatment is being performed or what type of mood the client is in at the time.

Some of the most popular scents for relaxation include lavender, sage, lemongrass and vanilla. Scents to help enhance inspiration include citrus inspired smells such as apple lemon, lemon berry and more. The power of scent is great and many products in the home reflect our societies new found respect for aromatherapy.
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