What is Retinol? The Guide to Aging Gracefully & Clear Looking Skin

Retinol has been considered the gold standard for its skin-beautifying properties for years. Retinol is essentially a derivative of vitamin A and is added to topical skincare products to combat the look of tired and saggy-looking skin. As a licensed esthetician, retinol is one of my favorite private-label skincare ingredients and for many reasons. I have recommended retinol to clients that wish to have a clearer-looking complexion, firmer feeling skin, and smoother looking skin. In this blog, I'm answering all the questions you might have about the famous skincare ingredient retinol and why you should or shouldn't be using it in your skincare routine.

Integrate Retinol Slowly and Gently

A skincare mistake we often make is doing too much all at once. Balance is imperative when it comes to introducing a new product in our skincare regimen. Start by using a pea-sized amount two times a week and slowly increasing the usage.

Start Preventative Skincare Early

It's simply harder to reverse skin complaints than to prevent. With life stressors, pollution, and being in front of blue light more now than ever (yes, your phone screen counts!), it's a good idea to start preventative skincare early. Our resident esthetician recommends starting in your early twenties. Another skin tip is to always bring your retinol down to your neck and décolletage - these are areas that show signs of looking saggy and tired early on. Retinol is a product that will help keep your skin looking fresh-faced and supple. We want to remind you that there is such a thing as aging gracefully when using correct skincare!

Only Use Retinol at Night and Wear SPF Everyday

Due to the naturel of retinol, it also makes the skin sensitive to sunlight. When using retinol, you should always wear an SPF 30 or above. Being mindful of warmer weather, try to pause on using retinol on those warmer days when you know you will be out in the sunshine. Retinol is supposed to be used in your nighttime skincare routine only. Our botanical private-label High Potency Retinol Moisturizer is gentle on the skin and results-driven. This retinol moisturizer is safe for all skin types and used in your evening skincare regimen as a night creme or sleeping mask.

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