What s the Difference Between A Fine Line and A Wrinkle?

How do you really make the distinction between a fine line and a wrinkle? When does a fine line stop being so fine? And can a fine line turn into a wrinkle? These are the kinds of questions skincare nerds ask themselves, and we say you deserve to know the answers! While at some level the fine print of wrinkles vs. fine lines doesn t totally matter as long as you take consistent and thoughtful care of your skin, it s still nice to know the difference. Plus, knowledge such as this can empower you to further specialize your private label skincare offerings and personal product choices to target exactly what you want.

Technically speaking, a fine line is understood to be no more than two millimeters deep, while a wrinkle is deeper than two millimeters. Now, it s unlikely that you are going to go and try to measure the depth of your facial lines, so an easier way to determine if you have fine lines or wrinkles is to consider your age. If you are 40 and under, then any lines you have are probably fine lines, not wrinkles. If you are older than 40, then you are more likely to have wrinkles.

Interestingly, fine lines and wrinkles are not necessarily caused by the same thing. Fine lines are what occur from damage such as photo aging. This is mostly due to collagen breakdown and other components of premature aging. Wrinkles have more to do with repetitive muscle movement, such as squinting and scowling. While the causes of fine lines and wrinkles may be different, your strategies for keeping them at bay, or minimized, are basically the same.

The amount of collagen in your skin plays a huge role in its overall appearance. The more you can strengthen and protect your skin s collagen, the younger and healthier your skin will look. Cellular turnover also plays a role in this, so regularly using a private label skincare exfoliating product that includes something like AHA s, which increase cellular turnover, is a good idea as well. Specialty ingredients like plant peptides and Matrixyl 3000 can also be used to mimic the temporary muscle freezing effects of Botox if you really want to kick your wrinkle prevention up a notch.

While there s no need to get lost in technicalities, knowing the ins and outs of your skin and what s going on, what can go on with it will help you to make more informed choices. Your private label skincare routine, or personal line, will be smarter and better, and your results will show through even more.

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