When Less Is More

It can be easy to feel like in order to have the skin of your dreams you need to do everything under the sun to it. It s a common assumption that so many people make. And unfortunately, it usually does more harm than good. Even though the media is full of suggestions for what you should be doing to your skin, the reality is that there is such a thing as skincare overkill, and you want to do your best to avoid it. This doesn t mean you should feel stressed about the possibility that you re doing too much to your skin- that would only make things worse! Rather, just keep the following things in mind and next time you want to adjust something in your private label skincare routine, consider taking a step out instead of adding another one in.

While it can be tempting to wash your face everyday, it could actually be better to keep the soapy suds to a once a day kind of ritual. This is because your skin is protected by a natural acid mantle on its surface. This naturally protective, oil based layer helps to maintain a proper pH for your skin and protects it from foreign agents that would otherwise cause the creation of things like blemishes. Whenever you wash your face, you strip this protective acid layer and open your skin up to the environment that it previously was protected against. Do this too often and your skin could become chronically under protected.

Another thing to keep in mind is constantly applying private label skincare products to your face every day without also practicing regular exfoliation. This could potentially lead to things like clogged pores because on top of having a build up of dead skin, there could also be a build up of leftover product. By gently exfoliating your skin once or twice a week you can keep that build up off your skin so it can better absorb the product you do put on it rather than suffering from too much on top.

The more you can relax and listen to the signs your skin communicates to you that it does or does not like something, the better set up for skincare success you ll be. Keep it simple, keep it high quality and keep it intuitive. Make well informed decisions and fulfill your skin s needs with pure, intelligent private label skincare products and you shouldn t have to worry about doing too much.
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