There s something so fun and cheerful about cantaloupe.  It s gentle peach color, honeyed sweetness and crisp scent give cantaloupe a sparkling kind of charm.  Cantaloupe is extremely well liked, ranking as one of the most popular fruits in the world.  There s a way to bring that pleasant popularity into your personal care products, use a cantaloupe distillate.

A distillate, also known as a hydrosol, floral water, or flower water, is a steam-derived water that is infused with specific plant properties and fragrance.  In this case, that plant is cantaloupe!  Distillates contain a plant s entire intelligence profile (i.e. biochemical composition, evolutionary intelligence and spiritual gifts).  So a cantaloupe distillate brings its nutrient makeup, its luxurious past and its light-hearted, enchanting energy.

Cantaloupes are high in vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium and folate.  As distillates are actually infusions of the plant into water, a cantaloupe distillate contains trace, homeopathic amounts of these elements.  That means the distillate water is programmed by these nutrients to behave in the same manner as they do, requiring fewer additives.  The water shines, protects, strengthens and improves the quality of the skin, without the need for tons of extra vitamin supplements.

Distillates are also programmed with the plant s evolutionary history.  Cantaloupes have been cultivated by societies since the ancient Egyptian Empires of the Nile.  Now there was a culture that new about health, beauty, and luxury! The great Cleopatra has been a symbol of opulent style and beauty know-how for millennia!  We trust that when the Egyptians picked cantaloupe to cultivate, there was something more than its luscious sweetness that captivated them.  We know that whatever secret they could discern still shows up today in our distillates!

Last but not least, a distillate brings all the spiritual gifts of a plant.  Cantaloupes are lovely and loving plants.  They bring a feeling of freshness and levity to existence.  Their gentle roundness speaks of abundance, without becoming excessive.  The spiritual gift of the cantaloupe is its pure prettiness.  It doesn t have to strive to be seen, nor does it hide.  It simple exists in its happy, delightful way!

If your product recipe calls for water or an aqueous solution, use cantaloupe distillate in its place.  Distillates enhance your product with life!  In addition to working phenomenally in personal care products, the almost endless utility of a distillate includes: toners, misting sprays, deodorants, and linen refreshers This happy list can go on and on!

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