They say that God is in the details. We believe that beauty is too.  That s why we offer wholesale CoQ10 - an organic molecule that supports beauty at the nano-level!

It s CoQ10 s job to take care of micro-scale beauty. Where other ingredients deliver large results in terms of total moisture or nutrient provision, CoQ10 works at the smallest cellular level to boost collagen, increase natural hydration and stimulate cell turnover. It operates molecularly to support major rejuvenation and youth!

CoQ10 is actually present in every cell in the body from birth.  It s a compound that cells need in order to respirate, metabolize, and generate the energy to self-repair and reproduce.  With the healthy levels of CoQ10, the skin has the energy to protect itself from sun, wind, pollution and other toxic damage.  It can repair damaged cells and generate new, healthy ones to replace the irreparable cells. CoQ10 is how skin stays vibrant and glittering!

Traces of CoQ10 remain in the body forever, but at around age 30 CoQ10 levels significantly drop off.  The body will never run out of the molecule entirely, but if cells with high CoQ10 levels are like top-shape olympic athletes, cells with low levels are like the elderly citizens on respirators- they just don t vibrate as much dynamism! CoQ10 is a little like Gatorade for the cells they need it to stay vitalized!  To support true skin radiance, you ve got to get CoQ10 into the dermis at the microscopic level.

In the CoQ10 blend that RainShadow Labs offers, the average particle is about 50 nanometers.  It s really nanotechnology! At this infinitesimal size, CoQ10 penetrates deep into the dermis and delivers to the cells the organic material they need to stay luminous.  Truly meaningful beauty comes from each cell uniquely vibrating an authentic expression.  The CoQ10 molecule is required for that kind of cellular integrity.

We encapsulate our CoQ10 with Vitamin E and Vitamin C, co-activators needed to catalyze CoQ10 to its bioavailable state.  When properly incorporated into personal care products, vivid, magnetic beauty is inevitable. Add CoQ10 to serums, cleansers, lotions, masks and body creams for deep, unavoidable cellular results!

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