Imagine a botanical element you could add to your personal care products that would imbue them with freshness and shimmering beauty properties.  That element is rosemary hydrosol! The rosemary plant has long held an important place in herbal healing and poetic ritual.  Rosemary oil is used for everything from pain relief to scalp care.  What makes rosemary hydrosol unique is that it can be used as the plant would be, as the oil, and even as water!

Rosemary hydrosol is the water collected after the rosemary essential oil making process. It can be used much in the same way as an essential oil, but is more diluted in nature and thus has a softer scent and effect on the skin. What makes Hydrosols so amazing is that they contain the entire evolutionary, genetic, biochemical, and spiritual intelligence of the steamed plant. It s as though you have the entire plant inside each  shimmering drop!

Evolutionarily, the rosemary herb is actually a hardy, drought resistant shrub that can grow quite tall.  At its maximum height, rosemary is a fluffy, full, flowing green that feels lush and gentle like a willow tree.  Though soft, its leaves are needle shaped to reduce moisture loss and increase the ability to maintain its fragrance in the face of the bright, Mediterranean sun. Fond of growing near the ocean, the active elements in the rosemary plant are the alchemical blend of sea and sun.

The manner in which rosemary has evolved reflects it healing abilities.  The essence of rosemary is fresh beauty in the face of challenging environments and also in harmony with them.  Rosemary hydrosol is excellent in hair-care products, face washes and toners.  In a hair rinse, rosemary adds strength and shine to luscious locks and gradually covers gray.  It also helps to reduce dandruff and stimulate hair growth.  Used as a toner or in a face wash, rosemary will bring blood to the surface of the skin, act as an antiseptic, and heal acne and other infections.

In aromatherapy, rosemary has been used for mental clarity and memory.  Rosemary had an important place in wedding ceremonies, encouraging the couple to remember their vows.  Many poets and writers divulged that rosemary would help them to remember their dead compatriots and rosemary has also been placed on graves for the remembrance of loved ones passed.  Thus, rosemary has a powerful ability to awaken and focus the mind.

The combination of clarity and focus of mind coupled with the potent yet gentle disinfecting and anti aging properties of rosemary hydrosol make it a valuable botanical ally in the natural skin care world. Use rosemary hydrosol to heal your acne, stimulate hair growth, and increase circulation to your skin for a beautiful and radiant glow.


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