Wholesale Skin Care

Buying skin care products wholesale can be daunting at first.  There are so many choices and you may not be sure which ones will be best for you or your clients. But if you put in the effort to learn about skin care products and their various functions, you'll quickly see that buying wholesale can often be the best option.

With all of the chemicals being put into our food, health care products, and cosmetics these days, many people are beginning to see the value in simplifying the products we use in and on our bodies.  When you buy your skin care products wholesale, you can know exactly what ingredients are going into them and how they will affect our body.  You will be able to customize your own formulas, adding more of what works for you and leaving out what doesnt.  This way, you can choose the concentrations and effects of your skin care products and choose natural ingredients instead of harsh chemicals.

Another perk of buying wholesale is that you can save money, potentially a lot of money if you're buying for your business.  Wholesale cosmetics and skin care products come in a higher concentration than retail products.  They are also more pure and higher quality. So in the end, you have a better product that costs less money.  As a business owner, you can pass these savings on to your customers or invest them back into your business.

If you're environmentally conscious, wholesale cosmetics and skin care products are definitely the way to go.  Buying product in bulk containers reduces the amount of containers you'll be throwing away and this reduces the trash that gets sent to landfills. 

When buying from RainShadow Labs you have the added benefit of knowing that you're buying from an earth-friendly, green company.  We use products from sustainable growers.  Through this, recycling, and other efforts, we practice a zero waste policy.  We have both the health of our customers and the health of the earth in mind, every step of the way.
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