Imagine you are watching a cartoon fairy tale.  A heroic prince gets wounded in a battle far from his home and must rely on the local villagers for assistance.  The old, humble town healer grabs some seemingly meaningless herbs nearby and places them on the prince s wound.  Instantly the wound heals!  That herb with miraculous powers? It s yarrow!


Yarrow is the most potent healing herb on the planet.  Also called Soldiers Wort, Wound Wort, and Achillea millefolium (after the Greek hero Achilles), yarrow has been used for centuries to treat such things that would befall a soldier such as cuts, bruises, bumps, contusions and deep lesions.  Achilles actually used yarrow to heal himself and fellow soldiers during the Trojan War.  It was an easy herb to get a hold of yarrow to this day grows anywhere and everywhere.  

But yarrow hydrosol doesn t have to be reserved for such severe events.   It s great for healing acne wounds, scars, and marks.  As an astringent it s effective for dandruff, hair loss, skin elasticity and firming sagging skin.  Yarrow helps circulate fresh blood, promoting glow and radiance.  Even more magically, yarrow is an aura healer!

Just as yarrow quickly and effectively sutures broken skin, this common herb also sews up rips and tears in the aura too.  Cuts in this energetic protective field are common.  They can come from pollution in the environment, eating incorrect foods, or from negative interactions.  A cut in the aura generally doesn t feel very good.  Yarrow heals these tears and restores a person to balance and happiness because they are able to repel negativity.     

Restore your skin to vibrance, health, and clarity. Infuse your private label skin care with the mystical and scientific properties of yarrow hydrosol. Your spirit will feel better, and your skin will look better. Adding yarrow hydrosol to your personal care products is like adding a bit of fairy-tale lore to your creation; there s no herb on earth more magical than yarrow!

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