Why Beard Oil is the New Cologne

You ve probably seen it by now: beard oil. Your barber or salon might have it. You might see it in the wellness or beauty sections of your local supermarket. Maybe you ve smelled it on someone during a hug. And maybe you or a man you know wears it already. But what s all the hype about? Why would facial hair need or benefit from scented oils in it? And why not just use a cologne if you re trying to smell good? These are all great questions, and their answers are pretty straightforward.

First things first: what exactly is all the beard oil hype about? While we won t claim to be experts as to how the beard oil phenomenon got started, we will say that the rising popularity of beard oil coincided with the comeback of the beard in popular culture and men s fashion. Not all beard owners like their beards to hang about wild and free; they want them to have some structure, some class and some hold. And why not add a nice scent so you smell good?

Now, it might sound strange, but a man s facial hair benefits from care and attention just like any other part of the body. A properly formulated private label beard oil contains carrier oils that keep the hair in tip top shape without being heavy and greasy. Oils like hazelnut and Jojoba nourish and strengthen without weighing the beard down. Additionally, if some of the oil gets on the skin, those same tonifying and nourishing properties are imparted to the face as well.

As far as cologne is concerned, let s be honest, that stuff is kind of intense! How many times have you walked past someone and been overtaken by the intensity of their perfume? It can be extremely off putting and unpleasant, not to mention the negative effects of the synthetic smells and chemicals used in the perfume. But with a natural beard oil, none of that is an issue! It smells great, uses natural oils instead of synthetic and irritating chemicals, and won t overwhelm the people around you.

To put it plainly, a high quality beard oil is the best of the skincare, hair care and scent-based worlds. It hits multiple notes at once and is great for those who like to give their appearance a little more time and attention, as well as those who like to keep things low maintenance and easy.

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