Why Natural REALLY Matters

Some people believe natural matters, some people don t. Some people don t care, and some people can t even agree on what natural really means! The truth is, while everyone will have their own opinion and beliefs, there are certain things that point to natural and organic skincare being superior to chemical laden, artificial ingredient filled skincare products. And among all those things, perhaps the most convincing is this: the results actually garnered from using those products.

When we talk skincare results, we aren t just talking about immediate results. We re talking about the long term results too. In fact, the long term results are perhaps the most important results because they are a testament to what s actually going on with the skincare you re using. To put it quite frankly, if the private label skincare you re using doesn t yield long term results that are better than the results you experience in the short term with that product, then it s not worth your time and money. And that s where natural skincare comes in.

Natural skincare comes into the realm of greater efficacy over time rather than conventional skincare because, when properly formulated and sourced, the ingredients in each and every formula work to strengthen, protect and enhance your skin s natural regenerative processes. Private label skincare ingredients like wildcrafted geranium, plant peptides, MSM and seabuckthorn oil are all perfectly equipped to repair and support your skin. In a way, it s what they exist to do in the first place! The same just cannot be said for harsh chemicals and cheaply sourced, poor quality ingredients.

What can be said for poor quality ingredients is that instead of contributing to the overall wellness and youth of your skin, they actually end up contributing to the development of premature aging signs. Yikes! Nobody wants that, but it s how things go when your skin is forced to deal with the daily stress of trying to protect itself from petroleum based, harsh ingredients and skincare products that aren t formulated with optimal results in mind.

When it comes down to it, using natural skincare really is worth it. And it doesn t have to be expensive either! A simple facial serum made up of your favorite carrier oil(s) is a great place to start if you re worries about cost. A good oil based product easily doubles as a facial cleanser as well as moisturizer and serum. Whether or not you choose to go super simple or you re ready to go for it and do a complete skincare overhaul, your skin will thank you for the switch in the long haul.

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