Why Vitamin C Is Your Summer Skincare Sweetheart

Skincare in the summer is a little different from the rest of the year because of the increase in sun exposure that many of us experience. And rightly so! Not only is time in the sun fun, it also provides your body with vitamin D and that sun kissed glow that makes you look and feel extra vibrant. But as you and many others know, with the sun comes an increase in your risk for premature aging. Some people might say that this means you should just stay out of the sun altogether- but how much fun is that? Instead, you can adjust your private label skincare to make sure your skin is getting the extra care it needs to not only survive the sun, but thrive in it.

And that s where vitamin C comes in. Vitamin C is an ideal summer skincare ingredient because it protects against and repairs photo damage. Photo damage is what happens when your skin is exposed to high amounts of stress like pollution, smoke, and intense sunlight. It manifests in your skin as dark spots, increased fine lines and loss of collagen that can lead to things like sagging. By using a private label skincare product that contains a high percentage of easily utilized and high quality vitamin C, you can prevent and repair the signs of sun damage in your skin.

So what s the best way to get significant amounts of vitamin C in your skincare every day? We recommend using a vitamin C serum. This is because typically a serum will have the most potent levels of active ingredients in the smallest molecular structure, which means that the product penetration will be higher with a serum than something like a moisturizer or wash. You can use it once or twice a day depending on your preference, and if you pick a really good one, chances are it will have other private label skincare ingredients that work synergistically with the vitamin C to give you even more bang for your buck.

Investing in your beauty and skin health does not mean hiding from life. You can still go outside and enjoy the sun. By using an intelligently formulated private label vitamin C serum every day you can give your skin what it needs in order to not only protect itself from photo damage, but to repair itself when it needs to.
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