Why You Need A Sun Serum

There are a lot of people who feel like in order to have beautiful skin that ages gracefully, they have to avoid the sun. And while there is some truth to the idea that you want to be mindful of the amount and kind of sun exposure
 you allow, avoiding the sun completely has been proven to just not be healthy. But don t think that that means you have to sacrifice the health and appearance of your skin. Absolutely not! On the contrary, you can still have beautiful skin and enjoy the sun. The key? Sun Serum.

The whole point of a sun serum is to give your skin what extended exposure to the bright sun light takes away. It s the private label skincare solution to living life on your terms. And it s super versatile; you can put it on before and after your time in the sun, it doubles as an anti aging skincare product and is beneficial year round. So even in the dead of winter, you can use your sun serum and know that you re supporting it to withstand the summer sun to come.

One of the main and most important ingredients in a private label sun serum is vitamin C. This is due to the efficacy of vitamin C at helping the skin to heal from and prevent further signs of premature aging from photo damage. Photo damage is what happens to the skin when it s been exposed to harsh elements like the sun, pollution and smoke. It often manifests as dark spots, fine lines and a noticeable loss of collagen that leads to sagging skin. Vitamin C goes in there and fights the influx of free radicals that gets triggered as a result of this extra environmental stress and stops the free radicals from causing more damage to your cells. It also encourages and increases your skin s production of collagen, which in turn fights sagging.

While the presence of other private label skincare ingredients in your sun serum is important and necessary, if it doesn t contain vitamin C, don t use it. Never even heard of a sun serum before? We ve got one ready to go and it just so happens to be formulated with all the best skin protective and photo damage regenerating ingredients available. If you do nothing else this summer, do this: start using a sun serum. Even if you don t lay in the sun for hours at a time, your skin can still significantly benefit from the inclusion of such a thoughtfully and expertly formulated sun serum.
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