The anti-aging skin care industry is booming, with store shelves filled with products purporting amazing skin care transformations. The desire to look younger and have healthier skin can push people to try almost any remedy known to man. However, there are proven, effective ingredients to watch for. Known as the gold standard of skin care, retinol can be found in products ranging from eye serums to hand cream. If you are a skin care enthusiast, you've likely already heard about (maybe even researched) this exciting ingredient. Information is the key to choosing just the right product. Let's talk a little more about retinol and how it can transform your skin.

What Exactly is Retinol?

As a chemical compound derived Vitamin A, retinol has been a hard hitter in the skincare industry since the 1950's. Originally designed to treat acne, it soon became evident that retinol had significant anti-aging properties. As the fastest growing skin care ingredient on the market, the following are the potential benefits of retinol:

  • Anti-aging: Retinol, like that found in our signature Retinol Serum, helps prevent the visual symptoms of aging, like wrinkles and sagging. It also assists in preventing skin damage from pollution and excessive sun exposure. Retinol boosts collagen production, which in turn helps to plump skin, filling wrinkle lines and prevents future wrinkles from forming.
  • Acne Reduction: Retinol was originally formulated to fight acne. With increased cellular turnover, pores have less chance to get clogged by dirt and debris on the skin. Retinol helps keep pores clear while preventing and healing acne scarring.
  • Better Complexion: Normal aging slows skin cell maturation, causing surface cell build-up. Retinol helps to normalize and speed cell turnover. This promotes: 1) Smoother skin texture. 2) Brighter complexion. 3) Smaller pores. 4) Diminished hyperpigmentation. 5) Fading of sun and age spots.
  • Helps Serious Skin Conditions: Because retinol helps to normalize (and even speed) skin cell turnover, it has the potential to slow the growth of the white skin patches that accompany psoriasis and improves associated pain. In a similar fashion, retinol kills the skin cells associated with warts. ** Note: Because retinol is designed to improve circulation, it can worsen conditions associated with inflammation. Consult your physician before adding this to your skin care routine.

Selecting Just the Right Product

It can be intimidating to select the one, perfect product in a sea of retinol infused products. They can vary greatly from retinol strength to packaging. Retinol is sensitive to air and light, thus, packaging is vital to maintain the efficacy of the product. Dark tinted bottles will keep the light from inactivating your retinol serum, thus, you should be able to narrow your search with a quick glance.

Once your search is narrowed, you can delve into the potency of each retinol serum. RainShadow Labs proudly produces the finest Retinol Serum on the market. Available in 2 strengths, 1% & 2.5%, our serum is a synergistic blend of active ingredients each chosen for their ability to enhance the effectiveness of the retinol. With ingredients like: botanical hyaluronic acid, organic aloe and witch hazel, this serum will feed your skin while adding the necessary hydration. Our Retinol Serum is available in personal use 2oz. Bottles all the way up to 55 gallon buckets for large skin care businesses. Wherever your needs lie, we have the quantities you are searching for.

The Right Company Makes All the Difference

Since 1983, RainShadow Labs has built a reputation of providing scientifically formulated and painstakingly tested products to thousands of brand partners across the United States and abroad. We proudly manufacture each of our high quality products, including our Retinol Serum, right here in the Pacific Northwest. We test each batch of product for the utmost effectiveness and safety. Our quality control measures meet, and quickly exceed, those recommended by industry professionals. This means, you can rest assured you are receiving the highest quality, most effective and safe product on the market. Our success as a company depends largely on your success. Our happy and knowledgeable customer service team is ready to answer any questions you may have or help you get started on your order. Here are some of the benefits of working with RainShadow Labs:

  • No Animal Testing
  • FDA Registered
  • In-House Quality Control Systems
  • In-House Shelf Life Testing
  • Kosher Certified Materials
  • Continued Industry Education
  • Vegan Formulas
  • Sustainable Raw Materials
  • Sustainable Practices
  • Recycled packaging, shipping, and marketing materials
  • Biodegradable Products
  • Women Owned and Operated
  • Powered with 100% Renewable Wind Energy

As a full service facility, RainShadow Labs offers timely Product Development and Design; private label and cosmetic manufacturing and technical support including packaging and label procurement; warehousing for excess product packaging; contract filling, multi-product packaging; and shipping and logistics support. Whether you are searching for your own supply of Retinol Serum, looking to add a private label line or own a skin care business and need wholesale product, we can help.

RainShadow Labs: #1 Retinol Serum on the Market

As the fastest growing skin care ingredient on the market, retinol is here to stay. Don't miss out on the opportunity to provide your customers with the most innovative and life-changing beauty product to date. Don't make the mistake other companies make by partnering with an overseas company with cut rate pricing but an unverified track record and questionable ingredients. RainShadow Labs is a US based manufacturer and meet all the requirements set by the FDA. We hand select ingredients, many of which come from farms right here in the Pacific Northwest. Call our customer service team today at 503-366-3413 with any questions you may have or to begin your order.