The Rise in Popularity of Fragrance Free Skincare

The Rise in Popularity of Fragrance Free Skincare

In this study conducted by the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 34.7% of the U.S. population have reported some type of health concern when coming in contact with fragranced products. With such a large number of people affected by fragrances, the trend toward fragrance free products is growing and gaining in popularity.

RainShadow Labs’ product development team has been working with companies all over the world to manufacture their fragrance free skin and hair care products. Whether you’re looking to expand your already popular line of products or have a special niche you are providing for, we will happily help you formulate the exact product you are seeking. Our state of the art, 100% wind powered facility can handle any order, big or small.


Fragrances: Why People Avoid Them Altogether

While some people just don’t enjoy the strong smell of artificially fragranced products, others have genuine allergies to fragrances. This is often why certain establishments like yoga studios ask their patrons to refrain from wearing perfume. Some find their sensitivities to be mitigated when they use natural fragrances, while others can only handle essential oils. And then for some, the only tolerable solution is no fragrance at all. Here at RainShadow Labs we offer a full array of products that can be made fragrance free or with minimal smells. Our formulation team can help you create a product to your exact specifications. Call today at 503-366-3413 with your questions or to begin an order.

Order Your Fragrance Free Skincare Line Today!

With skin irritation on the rise due to fragranced skincare products, the need for fragrance free skin and/or hair care products has never been more vital. We also use sustainable raw materials, biodegradable packaging and quality control measures to ensure consistency and safety. Don’t waste your time with products that don’t measure up, ask about our free samples today. To start your order, call 503-366-3413 today!