Wholesale Spa Products Private Label

Since 1983, RainShadow Labs has produced all natural products and offered contract packaging, labeling, and distribution. We promote individual and community welness by offering wholesale pricing to spas and retailers who believe their customers deserve the best products. Our completely sustainable labs manufacture skin creams, lotions, scrubs, essential oils, candles, and total body care products from 100% natural ingredients. RainShadow Labs is leading the industry by creating stable and effective products while maintaining the highest standard of customer service.

Located along the Columbia River in St. Helens, Oregon, Rainshadow Labs is a private label manufacturer that specializes in custom formulations. Clients benefit from being able to consult with our specialists to create new products or select from our own premium inventory. Spas deserve the best ingredients, and using all-natural ingredients will satisfy your customers and help your business grow. Check out our inventory for product descriptions, and read below to learn about our featured selections.

Featured Products

When you buy straight from a manufacturer, you get better products for a better price. Instead of shopping through a retailer, buying directly from RainShadow Labs gives the customer more control over what they want. We welcome you to create your own private label or buy directly from our current inventory.

Retinol Moisturizer

This powerful cocktail of antioxidants and Vitamin A can help diminish wrinkles, fine lines, and premature aging. Apply to your face and neck in the morning or night. This product can be used under makeup. If your skin starts to dry, alternate with a moisturizing lotion.

Eye Bright Gel

This 75% organic formula addresses eye issues ranging from dark circles, wrinkles, sagging, puffing, and loss of tone. After three decades of research and advances in natural skincare formulas, the researchers at RainShadow Labs have developed a product that utilizes the power of Mother Nature. Just dab around your eyes, forehead, and cheek area every morning and night. Use up to ten times a day.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

There is not a more effective moisturizer on the market today. With a 5% hyaluronic acid concentration, this product penetrates the skin and activates collagen production to make you look fresh and young. To apply, wash and pat your skin dry, apply a toner (if you have one), and rub a small amount on your face and neck.

Call Today for Wholesale Skincare

Spa customers deserve the best products and services. Our onsite manufacturing lets us offer premium wholesale prices. If you want to stock your spa with nature’s best products, call 503-366-3413 or visit our website.