Healing Naturally

Many people are searching for an alternative way to heal instead of using doctors or pharmaceutical drugs.  They are looking because of several reasons.  The two most common reasons are the diverse side effects of the drugs and the rising health care costs.

Several individuals have found the power of healing through aromatherapy.  Aromatherapy helps the body heal in its own natural way with triggering it through scents.  These scents come from essential oils.

Essential oils come from plants being distilled, gathering the oil, and concentrating it.  The oil can be extracted from the whole plant, the flower, or the leaves.  Each oil is has its on uses and properties.

There are a handful of ways that these oils can be applied.  Two ways are diffusing the oil into the air or digesting it.  The last is to massage them into the skin.  This can be done with its concentrated form or mixed into lotions or with carrier oils to massage with.

There are several essential oils that can be used.  Each essential oil has its own uses and properties.  For the sake of length only three will be described in this article.  These three are lavender, ylang ylang, and lemon.

Lavender oil is such an all-purpose oil.  It is extracted from the flower of the lavender plant.  Its scent has such calming effects.  Lavender is a great sleeping aid.  Putting one or two drops on a pillow will help calm the nervous and relax the mind.

Lemon oil comes from the lemon tree s flowers or leaves.  Lemon oil is cleansing both physically and mentally.  It is able to relieve headaches and fight acne.

Ylang ylang oil is used as an aphrodisiac.  It helps to cure impotence and frigidity.  It is also a cheaper substitute to jasmine oil.  In India ylang ylang s flowers are spread on the beds of newly married couples.

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