How to Keep Your Back Bar Fully Stocked

One of the most important parts of a spa takes place in the treatment rooms, where all the magic happens. Managing the back bar for your spa or salon can mean all the difference in running a successful business and going out of business. While this is easy to say, it can be much more difficult and confusing than it seems. Stocking products that complement the vision of your spa, training treatment providers to be knowledgeable on using both new and existing products and keeping products stocked with minimal waste is vital. The following are some tips to maintaining a fully stocked back bar.

Management of Back Bar

Because treatment rooms are secluded, and pretty much off-limits, monitoring product usage is complex. We suggest putting together operational management strategies designed to cut costs, improve quality and consistency and keep morale high. There are simple things you can do to cut costs while maintaining an outstanding customer experience.

  • How much product do you need? I m sure you ve all heard the more product you give a provider to use, the more the waste. It is easy to overestimate the amount of product you ll need for a specific service. We suggest pre-measuring the amount of product to be used during different treatments; to be administered by the office manager. While amounts may seem too small to be effective, you ll be surprised with how much is left over. This also prevents products from being stolen by clients as they leave the secluded rooms, effectively avoiding purchasing those same products on their way out.
  • New products?Bringing in new products can be overwhelming at best. However, new products, especially seasonal ones, can prove to be quite lucrative with the right planning. Training your providers on new products, encouraging them to use those products in their sessions, can show clients the benefits of new products. Knowledgeable staff can make all the difference in the education of clients.
  • Don t be afraid of inventory. We suggest putting one person in charge of and responsibility for all inventory. Your money is in your inventory and the usage of that inventory, learning to manage it is vital. Here are tips to managing your inventory: 1) Stick to a budget 2) Take physical inventory and 3) Keep your records simple and easy to read.

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