Immortal Blue: Uses & Benefits of Blue Tansy Essential Oil

What is Blue Tansy?

Blue Tansy Essential Oil (also known as Moroccan Chamomile) is a very popular essential oil that has a gorgeous blue color. The word tansy comes from the Greek word Athanaton meaning immortal , and pays tribute to Blue Tansy s amazing skincare abilities! Because it can help to regenerate tissue so quickly and effectively, blue tansy essential oil has become a popular ingredient in skincare formulas, specifically oil serums.

The skincare properties of Blue Tansy Essential Oil come from the azulene pigment that gives the oil its striking sapphire color. Azulene gives Blue Tansy Oil the ability to help with skin complaints that benefit from being soothed and cooled. 

While it s popular in skincare, Blue Tansy Essential Oil is also great for use in aromatherapy. Place a few drops in an ultrasonic or nebulizing diffuser and let the molecules of Blue Tansy Oil disperse throughout various rooms in your home. Using an oil diffuser is one of our favorite ways to enjoy essential oils, and many people feel like it helps purify the air. Using Blue Tansy Oil for aromatherapy can help to relax feelings of tension and ease fear and worry. Going on your first date or requesting a raise just got a whole lot easier!

As a stand alone oil, blue tansy is great. But it also blends really well with other oils like Spruce, Cypress, Lavender or Rosemary. Combining it with other oils takes the calming effect of blue tansy and pairs it with rosemary or cypress ability to encourage mental clarity and emotional upliftment. When blended with Rose or Frankincense oil, Blue Tansy Oil can assist in feelings of grounding and peacefulness. Because it has a sweet, slightly grassy and herbaceous scent, Blue Tansy Oil makes a chic, understated natural perfume.

What About Wholesale?

Buying wholesale originally became popular because of stores like Costco and Sam s Club. Customers pay a membership fee and are allowed to buy in bulk at a lower price than what other people pay at retail. Similarly, RainShadow Labs offers natural and organic skincare products at wholesale pricing. The difference? No membership fees.

In addition to skincare, we also offer wholesale essential oils. It s a convenient way for both businesses, massage therapists and essential oil-loving consumers to order the oils they want without having to pay ridiculously high retail prices. It s easy, fast and a great way to more affordably try new oils, give them as gifts and use them in your business.

Contact us for a Consultation

If you re interested in ordering wholesale essential oils like blue tansy, you can find everything you need in our Buy Direct store. With no order minimums and your choice of sizes, you can easily customize your order to fit your needs.

If you re interested in private label and custom formulation, let us know! We ve worked with countless companies for over 35 years to build their brands successfully, and this includes products that contain blue tansy. Contact us now to learn more about our services or for a consultation on a private label product.

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