Make Your Own Fragrance

Do you want to make your own fragrance? Can t find that perfect scent? Looking for something unique for you and only you? Here s the lowdown on how to blend the fragrance of your dreams. Discover how to make the perfect scent for any occasion or a signature aroma just for you.

Essential oils are the source of the aroma of any perfume, cologne, or eau de toilette. Each of these fragrance terms relate to the percentage of oil per carrier substance; perfume is comprised of 15% or more essential oils, an eau de toilette is 5-8%, and cologne has 2-5%.

Using the right essential oils is key to designing the perfect fragrance. Essential oils have many scents and many other properties to consider. For example, ylang-ylang is an aphrodisiac and chamomile helps to calm the nerves. Make sure you know your end goals before making your fragrance, as there are many more benefits to be had than merely smelling good. To read further about the various properties, uses, and fragrances of essential oils, peruse our essential oil blogs or shop for essential oils.

Essential oils evaporate at varying speeds, releasing their scent at different rates. A fragrance is composed of top notes, middle notes, and base notes:

  • A top note will be the distinctive aroma upon application but will quickly evaporate and be overtaken by the middle note.
  • The middle note is where the body of a fragrance lies and is also referred to as the heart note. Middles notes are usually described as more mellow and rounded than the sharp and fresh scents of top notes.
  • The base note is the longest lasting scent and provides fixatives that hold the fragrance together. Base notes are usually rich and deep, bringing depth and solidity to a fragrance and boosting the aroma of the lighter middle and top notes. >

If you are just beginning to make your own fragrances I recommend sticking to three essential oils at most, one each of a top, middle, and base note.

Depending on your skin s sensitivity, the quality and type of essential oils you are using, and the fragrant strength you desire, you can either use your essential oil blend alone or mix it with a carrier oil, ethanol alcohol, and/or filtered water. Test your skin and product by dabbing a small amount of your formula to the inside of your elbow. Observe the area and maintain, add, or subtract ingredients depending on whether or not you have a reaction. It is important to use the best quality essential oils to avoid irritated skin. To thoroughly test the aroma of your creation, wait 30-60 minutes after application for the fragrance to reveal middle and base notes and to react to your body s chemistry. If you are in a rush or want to try out many scents, apply the fragrance to a small bit of paper (napkin, paper towel, or facial tissue), run it through your fingers, wait for 1-60 minutes, and smell the paper. Your fingers will allow the fragrance to engage with your personal chemistry without holding on to it.

When making a fragrance, keep in mind the category you are working in. The fragrance categories are:

  • citrus
  • floral
  • fruity
  • green
  • oceanic
  • oriental
  • spicy
  • woody

It is advisable to stay in one category for all the notes, but mixing them can be very effective if done properly. Also keep in mind the purpose for your blend. Are you making a fragrance for a brunch outing? If so, an earthy, woody fragrance is probably not as suitable as a citrus blend. Are you making a fragrance for a night out on the town? If so, oriental is probably a keener category to work in than oceanic.

So, in summary the general rules of at-home fragrance making are:

  1. Keep in mind the purpose for your blend.
  2. Choose one fragrance category and use essential oils that support your desired mood/effect.
  3. Choose no more than three essential oils for your blend.
  4. Have a compelling mix of a top, middle, and base note.
  5. Less is more. Essential oils are highly concentrated.
  6. Consider health issues, skin sensitivity, and allergies.
  7. Find best method of blending and application (i.e. carrier oil or none? dab on, lotion up, or bathe in?)
  8. Apply and revel in your creativity and all-around awesomeness.

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