The Benefits of Buying Wholesale for Your Spa

Buying wholesale spa products can be a huge benefit to your company, both financially and reputation wise. Choosing which products to stock and where to purchase them can be confusing and time consuming. At RainShadow Labs, we want to make this process as easy and straight-forward as possible. To this end, we will explain all the benefits associated with buying wholesale and how we can help you get your back bar stocked for minimal expense.

  • Great Pricing: Buying wholesale gives you rock bottom pricing for high end products you can be proud to use on your clientele and resale for home use. Manufacturing your own products, complete with your company logo, can be more time consuming and can cost considerably more money in the long run. RainShadow Labs offers a complete line of high-end wholesale spa products that are specifically designed to provide intense skin benefits. Call today at 503-366-3413 to get a detailed quote.
  • Variety: They say variety is the spice of life, and when you are running a spa variety means money. People want to feel special and have personalized sessions. With the hundreds of products available for purchase at RainShadow Labs, you can offer your clients unique botanical choices based on their wants and needs. This will ensure their loyalty and satisfaction during each visit.
  • Brand Awareness: Buying wholesale can give you the opportunity to provide products that are brand specific, that your clients may have already used or seen advertised. This allows you to capitalize on the advertising someone else pays for. This will cut your overhead and give you an established clientele. This also gives you the chance to build your company awareness and following, through the brands and products you choose to stock. Keep them coming back month after month for those hard-to-find products that can t be found elsewhere.
  • Lowered Shipping Costs: Shipping costs on wholesale, bulk products can be considerably lower than buying products separately. This will allow you to utilize that money elsewhere, building your business presence.
  • Competing with Larger Companies: By purchasing wholesale products that may be difficult to find and are lower in cost, you can effectively compete with larger companies who also buy in bulk. By carrying products the larger companies may not have heard of or they don t carry can help you keep those clients coming back time and time again. As a smaller company, you also have the unique ability to carry a wide variety of products, for specific niches.

Whether you want to buy wholesale, bulk, private label or custom manufacture your own spa products, RainShadow Labs can help. We provide comprehensive solutions for all your spa needs. Our customer service agents are trained and knowledgeable in every product and can offer you suggestions that can lead you in the right direction. As a full-service facility, we offer: wholesale spa products, buy direct products, custom manufacturing and private label spa products to companies and individuals all over the world. Call today call 503-366-3413 to begin your order.

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