What To Use First: Toner, or Serum?

There are a lot of different private label skincare products out there, and many times our own regimens involve the use of multiple products. And though simple is always preferable, it can still be confusing sometimes when it comes to what products you should use first. Though it may be rather obvious that you use a cleanser before a moisturizer, what about more interchangeable products, like a serum and toner? Which one should you use first, and does it even matter?

For one thing, it will depend on the ingredients in your serum and toner. While it s not optimal to use a harsh toner that strips the skin, there are other toners without harsh alcohols and chemicals that can refresh, tighten and tone the skin instead. In these cases, whether you use your toner under or on top of your serum is up to you. If your toner contains ingredients helpful for holding in moisture, you may want to consider using it on top of your serum, especially if your serum also contains moisture retentive ingredients.

However, by spritzing your toner on top of your serum, you may find your product takes longer to completely soak into your skin. If this bothers you, then use your toner first. Allow it to soak into your skin and then apply your serum. Alternatively, you can have the best of both worlds and use them together by either mixing them in the palm of your hand or applying your serum directly after spritzing with your toner. The result will be an enhanced private label product penetration for both formulas, which means more beautiful, glowing and harmonized skin.

The great thing about mindfully formulated private label skincare products is that they are versatile, and this is most definitely the case for serums and toners. Both products provide great versatility, allowing you to use them alone, together, or even mixed with other products, such as a moisturizer. They allow you to get creative, and to tailor your personal skincare approach based on your needs and desires for that day. Want to hold in some extra moisture? Use your serum first. Concerned your face will be covered in product too long? Opt for your toner. Looking for enhanced results that come easy? Simply mix them together.

Why Should I Go With a Private Label Product?

If you want to start your own skincare line, or grow the one you already have, then private labeling should be on your list of considerations. This is especially true if you are interested in carrying products like toners and serums. Why? Because these are some of the most important and active-ingredient-packed face products out there. Utilizing the help of a highly qualified formulation team like the one at RainShadow Labs ensures that your products are formulated correctly and deliver the kind of results you, and your customers, want.

Additionally, private labeling your skincare products with RainShadow Labs gives you access to the full suite of natural and organic actives we carry. When your vision meets our formulation and industry expertise, the result is a level of skincare mastery and support that s hard to find elsewhere.

Who Should Develop Your Custom Formula?

When it comes to beauty and skin care products, RainShadow Labs knows what we are doing. Being in this business for over 35 years has allowed us to compile a lasting knowledge on what does and doesn t work. Our private label program is designed to expertly develop high end natural skincare for you and your customers.

Working with a custom formulator makes the brand building process much easier. We ve worked with customers who have their own spa parlors, coffee shops and even gyms, and all of them have been able to build private label lines they feel good about. Instead of worrying about the technical aspects of formulating, you can focus on things like marketing and building your brand while we handle formulation and quality control.

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