Private Label Lotion Manufacturers

Your skin is unique, and each one of us has a different skin tone, genetic makeup, and texture. It is also one of the strongest organs of your body, protecting you from harsh environmental elements. Your hardworking, unique skin deserves a lotion that meets its needs. When you use Private Label lotion from RainShadow Labs, you are creating the perfect blend for your skin.

Private Labe Skincare from RainShadow Labs allows you to take your skin care into your own hands. We understand that lotion is not a one size fits all product, and so we offer oil-free, natural and organic lotions. Using only the highest quality ingredients, our Private Label service lets you create your own blends to meet the needs of you and your customer’s skin care. Don’t make your lotion work harder, help it work smarter by matching it to the needs of your skin.

Meeting Your Needs

RainShadow Labs specializes in giving our clients customizable skin care. We operate an FDA registered facility, and have been producing high-quality lotions and skin care products for over 30 years. We supply to individuals and businesses for resale and private label, either meeting your personal skincare needs or the needs of your clients.

When people buy skin care products, often there is little thought put into how and where those products were made. Unfortunately, there are some lotions and other skincare products that can actually work against the overall wellbeing of the skin, making it more vulnerable to premature aging and damage over time.

At RainShadow Labs, we are always conducting new research and have a development and quality control team dedicated to making sure every product you put on your skin is one that will enhance your own natural rejuvenation processes.

Our variety of lotions, both pre-made and designable, are crafted to refresh compromised skin, not stress it further. Additionally, these formulas won’t clog pores, but instead go deeper into the skin and bring about a happier, healthier look and feel to your complexion.

High-Quality Products

Not only should your lotion manufacturer do more for you, so should their products. When you use our Private Label lotions you can rest assured that only the best is being put on the skin of your body and that of your customers.

Our pre-formulated options help all skin types from oily to dry, and everything in between. Our blends use ingredients meant to soothe, plump and repair. Organic aloe vera is used in multiple products, cooling dry hot skin, and replenishing cells. Other blends include ingredients like jojoba oil and vitamin E which help bring youth and elasticity back into the skin.

Our organic ingredients are collagen stimulating, which makes your skin look and feel plumper. And for skin that is more sensitive we offer scentless, pure all-purpose lotion to soothe even the most irritated skin. Any lotion that is scented is 100% pure essential oils, chosen by you, for you.

We also practice complete transparency between our manufacturing center, our customer support team and you. That way, you always know 100% what is going into your formulas and how your skin care products are created. Learn more about how you can take advantage of this and make your own.

Power To Create

The best part about Private Label lotions is the power it puts in your hands. You know your skin and the needs of your customers better than anyone else, and with that you should be able to choose what goes on it on a daily basis. You can create a unique blend and choose your lotion type, ingredients, scents and more all through our lotion manufacturing.

If you’ve spent too much time walking aisles and reading ingredient lists to find a lotion that is right for you, look no further. Start looking and feeling better with a selection of your very own.

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