Popular Creams and Masks for Your Spa

As with any high end business, tocking your spa with the latest, most popular creams and masks is essential to retaining clients and attracting new business. Keeping up with industry trends and technology can be exhausting and overwhelming. At RainShadow Labs, keeping up with technology and trends is our business and what we love to do. Let us do the hard work for you. Let s talk about the most popular creams and masks in the beauty industry.

  • Body Perfecting Mask: As the ideal complement to our Body Perfecting Line of products, this rich mask is perfect for daily or weekly use. Antioxidants and luxurious plant lipids will leave your skin feeling smooth, healthy and free of toxins. Relieve tired, dull skin from head to toe with this comprehensive mask. Suitable for all skin types, you can t go wrong with this powerhouse mask.
  • Bamboo Cranberry Antioxidant Mask: The therapeutic properties inherent in the bamboo and cranberry of this mask provide gentle exfoliation, nourishment and powerful antioxidants. Periwinkle and green tea provide anti-aging properties while Lipoic and Glycolic Acids speed cell turnover and stimulate collagen production. If your clients are searching for ways to look and feel younger, this mask will do the trick!
  • Extreme Antioxidant Mask: Combat cellular aging with this antioxidant and free radical suppressing mask. Oxidation, or free radical damage, collapses the cellular matrix of our cells causing wrinkles and sagging in delicate facial skin. This mask will combat free radicals, reversing their oxidizing effect, for smoother and more vibrant skin. Boost, lift and shine your way to healthier skin.
  • Active Enzyme Night Cream: As a gentle resurfacing cream, this product utilizes the time you sleep to promote skin healing. With a combination of cocoa butter, organic aloe, seaweed, rosehip seed oil, peptides and plant stem cells this night cream will renew and regenerate tired skin. Pomegranate enzymes speed healing and boost vital anti-aging properties. With a light, floral scent this luxurious cream has an almost whipped, lush texture.
  • Bruise and Scar Cream: This specialized combination of Vitamin E and Arnica Montana is a highly effective bruise and scar treatment. Perfect for spot treatment in a spa setting, we re sure you ll find many other uses for this therapeutic creme. Add Black Pepper or Lemon Essential Oils to round out your treatment.

Finding the right products to complement your busy and unique spa business can be time consuming. Our customer service agents are trained and knowledgeable in every product and can offer you suggestions that can lead you in the right direction. As a full-service facility, we offer: wholesale spa products, buy direct products, custom manufacturing and private label spa products to companies and individuals all over the world. Call today call 503-366-3413 to begin your order.

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