BDPL4PK Body Perfecting Line 4-Pack Special
BDPL4PK Body Perfecting Line 4-Pack Special

BDPL4PK Body Perfecting Line 4-Pack Special

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4 pack specials of our Body Perfecting Scrub, Serum, Cream, and Mask in 36oz and 32oz containers. 

We have released ourselves from the segregated paradigm that says that facial skin deserves preferential anti aging treatment. We are here to bold and unequivocally say that ALL skin deserves the good good love! This line is just that. Rich, active, potent, healing, and effective…here you have high-end skin repair treatment for all over daily use.

SBF Body Perfecting Scrub (32oz) - If your hips, legs, booty and back want what your face has been getting.its here for you! Expect immediate results. Use small dollop in a circular fashion on face and body for gentle exfoliation.  Can use with fingertips or with cloth.  Rinse off with warm water. Can be washed off with a foaming cleanser or simply pat skin dry and follow with one of our many toners, serums and moisturizers. 

ABF Body Perfecting Serum (36oz) - This serum is a profound concentration of Plant Stem Cells, Astaxanthin, Fermented Seaweed Collagen, Organic Sulphur, Amino Acids, Rosehip Seed Oil, and cold pressed plant lipids to deeply nourish your body from tip to toe. Serums are delivery systems for ingredients.  Wash and pat skin dry.  Apply to entire face, neck, decollete and body. Allow to dry. Can be used daily; can be used under make up. Follow with any of our moisturizers.

THBF Body Perfecting Cream (32oz) - Beautiful lipids and nutrients infuse this rich nutritive cream with essentials for your sacred body. Slather it on and give your entire body the beauty menu it has been asking for. Suitable for all skin types.Apply all over face, neck, decollete, and body.  Can be used morning and night.  Apply after washing, toning and then a serum. Can be used under makeup.

QMBF Body Perfecting Mask (32oz) - Apply generously to face, neck, decollete, and body creating a thick coating.  Mask does have glycolic so it may tingle on some clients but that is normal.  Leave on for 15-30 minutes; can be applied under steam.  Use a damp cloth or warm water to remove. Follow with one of our foaming face washes, toner, serum and moisturizer for full treatment.  Mask does have natural fibers so it great to leave on then use circular motions to slough off dead skin and exfoliate.