Private Label Organic Cosmetics

Welcome to RainShadow Labs. We are an FDA registered facility in service to you, and have been manufacturing private label skincare products since 1983. These include private label lotionsbeard oil, and skincare for companies all over the United States and overseas.

Cosmetic use and the art of finding a makeup style you like can either be something you enjoy doing to start your day, or it may be a dreaded few minutes in the mirror to cover up your blemishes. While using cosmetics is always a choice, the idea shouldn’t be that it is a cover-up to unwanted skin features or blemishes. Your cosmetics should enhance your natural beauty and work hand-in-hand with your skincare routine, not against it. Learn more about Private Label organic cosmetics.

When you use Private Label cosmetics from RainShadow Labs, you are giving your skin the best. We craft products that help our customers look and feel their best through natural, organic and expertly blended ingredients that actually work. Read on to learn more about why you should choose organic products, what cosmetic items we offer and how our manufacturing center is dedicated to being green both in our products and in our facility.

Why Choose Organic?

Many cosmetic products for sale today are filled with harsh chemicals that should not go on your skin and often cause blemishes to worsen instead of heal. It is for this reason that choosing natural and organic skincare is so important. After all, what’s the point of skincare if it doesn’t actually care for your skin?

Even doctors are weighing in on the benefits of using organic cosmetics. Dr. Edward F. Group, founder of the Global Healing Center provides us with 6 key reasons you should only use organic cosmetic products. He is known for his dedicated study into the benefits of providing organic, high-quality, natural health products and information and is world-renowned for his contribution to understanding the root cause of total wellness.

His 6 reasons are:


  • Eco friendly
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Natural fragrance
  • Nutrient-rich
  • Protection from premature aging
  • Gentle on your skin


All of the products we manufacture meet these six standards and thus provide an easily accessible, effective solution to cosmetic products that are toxic, clog pores and work against the wellbeing of the skin.

Organic Cosmetic Products

Cosmetics can be a broad term, and RainShadow Labs hopes to expand the horizon of products available for cosmetic purposes. Ultimately, the goal is to provide our clients with products that will help their skin look and feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and blemish free.

Gone are the days of using cosmetics to cover up your skin. Our cosmetics will make you want to leave it bare and free to show off the naturally beautiful features of your face.

Our Day Moisturizer Cream is one of our personal favorites. It includes organic ingredients such as shea butter and aloe vera that bring calm and deep, nourishing moisture and youth to the eyes and face, no mascara even needed! This product can be worn under makeup or as a stand alone skincare product.

Our Elite C Serum is another product that clears up blemishes, as well as protects your skin from harsh environmental factors. Good for all skin types, this serum can be worn as your base and your skin’s resulting vibrant glow will outshine any other products you put on it.

We have an extensive list of cosmetic products from RainShadow Labs, but if you are looking for a more customizable product for your private label business we are proud to offer Private Label organic cosmetics just for you.

Practice What We Preach

At RainShadow Labs we are an FDA registered facility, dedicated to zero-waste, green initiatives and conduct absolutely no animal testing. Located along the beautiful Columbia River in St. Helens, OR, we proudly source many of our ingredients from the Pacific Northwest. What we can’t source from the PNW area is sustainable and responsibly sourced elsewhere.

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