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Cinnamon Essential Oil (EO55)
Cinnamon Essential Oil (EO55)

Cinnamon Essential Oil (EO55)

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Cinnamomum Zeylanicum
Sri Lanka
steam distilled from the bark

Cinnamon made its first introduction to the rest of the world via the Arabs during the beginning of the burgeoning spice trade, and its cultivation and origins were long kept a closely guarded secret. The ancient Egyptians used Cinnamon for temple incense and perfumes, and its aroma is indeed a veritable blend of pleasantly sweet with a touch of spice. Cinnamon essential oil is very effective at killing bacteria and viruses, so much so that we use it in our legendary Thieves blend! According to the International Journal of Food Microbiology, Cinnamon essential oil killed 92% of the 25 bacterial strains it was introduced to, making Cinnamon a very effective oil to use in your at-home diffusers. Because Cinnamon is so strong, it is best used diluted if it is to be placed on the skin.