Essential Oil Wholesale Distributor

RainShadow Labs is more than a distributor. Not only do we offer quality essential oils, we can help you with logistics like storage and shipping. With RainShadow Labs, selling your line of essential oils doesnâ€â„¢t have to be a complicated or multi-tiered process. You can easily order essential oils from us online, and have them shipped in retail condition to your business.

Best Essential Oils

Our lab is FDA certified and GMP Compliant. We source our oils from local, organic and sustainable suppliers. Our oils are never mixed with fillers, so you receive a 100% pure essential oil. Order with confidence from RainShadow Labs.

What are Essential Oils Used for?

Essential oils have been used for centuries for their concentrated scents and therapeutic benefits. To this day, people still use them for their smells, skincare benefits, to clean their homes and in massage. Take advantage of our premium essential oils to create your product and bring your ideas to life.

Multipurpose Oils

Our oils are pure plant essences that can be easily combined with other ingredients or used on their own.

Soap making

RainShadow Labs essential oils are pure and undiluted, so theyâ€â„¢re effects will still come through when combined with other oils during the soap making process.


For aromatherapy, you need to be sure your oils are free from any harmful chemicals or residual pesticides. We have organic oils that are therapeutic grade, perfect for aromatherapy.

Beauty Products

Tea tree, Rose and Lavender all produce essential oils with skin cleansing benefits. Oils like sandalwood and patchouli can be used to scent your products. Our oils have a smooth texture that blends well with lotions, and they can easily be used as perfumes.

Household Products

Plants like eucalyptus and lemon make wonderful essential oils for household cleaning products because the plants have natural cleansing properties. Use our essential oils to create all natural cleaning products and air fresheners.

Bulk Ordering

You can order our oils in bulk quantities without going through a sales rep or worrying about minimum orders. Simply browse our selection in our Buy Direct store and choose the oil and size you would like.

Order Online

Order our essential oils online today through our Buy Direct store.

Best Place to Order Essential Oils Online

We are the best place to order essential oils online. We ship from inside the United States, offer oils in sizes from .5 ounces to 16 ounces, and offer a huge selection of oils made with trusted, organic ingredients.