Essential Oils for Romance

Posted by Rain Shadow Labs on 5/4/2012 to Lifestyle
The olfactory sense is the most closely linked to the brain, meaning that what we smell has a tremendous impact on our mood. Some essential oils bring a sense of calm, others invigoration, while still others are popular for inspiring feelings of romance.

Jasmine is a scent often worn behind the ears of women to intrigue their partners and to boost confidence. Ylang ylang, an exotic scent close to the smell of jasmine is used in weddings and on honeymoons to encourage feelings of love and connection.

Vanilla is a warm, inviting scent that Pre-Columbian Indians used to worship their Gods. It has long been considered an aphrodisiac. Clary Sage is often used to increase a partners interest. Its scent is nutty with a hint of fruit.

Patchouli is an earthy and pungent aroma that is pleasant enough to appeal to both genders. It is often used in treatment of low desire. While it has its roots in long ago history, it became popular again in the 60s, the era of the Beetles and Make Love not War.

Rose is a lovely scent that has long been associated with love and admiration. Supposedly, Cleopatra bathed in hot water with rose petals added to scent her skin. Sandalwood has also been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac. Like Patchouli, it is an earthy scent, but it has more of an oriental tone. It mixes well with rose or lavender for added effects.

Strangely, research has found that sandalwood sends out a scent closely related to the androsterone men produce under their arms when they sweat. It is thus believed that it has the effects of natural pheromones. Using essential oils to make a romantic massage oil, diffuse in a room, or even add scent to a candle, can enhance the mood and improve the closeness of a couple in love.