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Myrrh Essential Oil (EO15)
Myrrh Essential Oil (EO15)

Myrrh Essential Oil (EO15)

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Commiphora Myrra
North Africa
steam distilled from tree resin
Myrrh essential oil has a long and ancient history that dates back all the way to the ancient Egyptians. It was used as an insect repellant, as an ingredient in their embalming preparations, and as incense, while the Greeks used it to assist in the healing of wounds. Myrrh essential oil is a potent anti aging and wrinkle busting botanical oil that also increases circulation and fights infection. It is equally valuable as a natural perfume, as a beautifying skin care ingredient, and as an antibacterial and antiseptic oil to be put in your diffusers. It is also an effective flea remedy. In aromatherapy Myrrh is considered an antidepressant, and using it as such is quite easy and enjoyable- simply place a drop or two on the temples or nape of the neck for some sweet-smelling instant calm.