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Sandalwood Essential Oil (absolute) (EO25)
Sandalwood Essential Oil (absolute) (EO25)

Sandalwood Essential Oil (absolute) (EO25)

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Sandalwood Absolute
Indonesia, India
blend of various oils from various extraction methods
Sandalwood is a rather illuminating oil that is wonderful for use during meditation and ceremonies of all kinds. It is a unique aphrodisiac in that it contains a botanical version of the androsterone that is produced in our armpits. This unique characteristic makes Sandalwood an ideal natural fragrance as well as natural deodorant. Sandalwood has very strong skin regenerative properties, and fades scars, evens out skin texture, and makes the hair bright and shiny. In aromatherapy it is utilized as an antidepressant because it uplifts the spirit and eases an overworked mind. 

Ours is a blend of sandalwood oils of different origins including East Indian Sandalwood, West Indian Sandalwood, Indonesian Sandalwood, Australian Sandalwood and African Sandalwood. With the rising costs of Indian Sandalwood this blend is ideal for soaps and will provide better performance in the finished product with considerably stronger odor than Sandalwood alone. Many soap makers have told us that they like the odor of this blend even better than straight Indian sandalwood which is about 4 times the price! Concentrated Blend: Essential oils and other natural aromatics only, no carriers.

Ingredient List: Amyris Balsamifera Bark Oil, Santalum Album Oil, Dipterocarpus Turbinatus Balsam Oil, Santalum Spicatum Wood Oil, Brachyleana hutchinsii Wood Oil (African Muhuhu)