Seabuckthorn For Your Private Label

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 3/27/2015 to Oils

Seabuckthorn oil is really quite an incredible substance. Within each golden-orange drop is a whole host of potent healing bioactive compounds that regenerate, soothe, and build the skin. For private label skincare, there isn’t a carrier oil that comes close to delivering the same amount of potent skin regenerative compounds per drop as Seabuckthorn.

Seabuckthorn berries have been around for thousands of years, and are said to have originally grown wild in China, Mongolia, and Russia. The berries are a beautiful ombre of yellow moving into a kind of orange-red, and they can be eaten as well as being used for skincare. Seabuckthorn oil balances the lipid layers of the skin, keeping it healthy and within the correct PH in order to better protect itself from foreign invaders and inflammatory factors. Seabuckthorn oil also contains an ideal balance of omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9, which gives it quite the unique edge in the dermal healing department.

And when it comes to keeping a juicy, fresh complexion, Seabuckthorn is brilliant at helping to protect the skin from cellular water loss, as well as delivering a host of free radical destroying antioxidants and valuable collagen building vitamin A. Private label serums, salves, balms and butters can all benefit from the inclusion of such a well rounded and effective ingredient—especially considering that one of the major and most common signs of aging is skin that loses its elasticity and water content! Effective private label skincare actively repairs and prevents things such as premature aging and damage from the elements, and by including Seabuckthorn in your ingredient decks, the efficacy of your private label skincare products is significantly boosted.

Interestingly, Seabuckthorn oil contains Palmitoleic acid, which is also naturally present in the skin. This natural occurrence of Palmitoleic acid makes Seabuckthorn oil especially suited for healing skin conditions such as burns, wounds, and other damages inflicted on the skin that usually leave marks in the wake of their healing. By including Seabuckthorn oil in your private label skincare formulas—especially ones that target damaged skin or prevent further damage—you are able to achieve better healing results.

Natural science is not complicated or hard. By harnessing the bounty and beauty of nature, we increase our own bountiful beauty. Seabuckthorn oil delivers a remarkable level of beauty and healing-enhancing intelligence deep into the skin with every drop. Include in your private label serums, creams, and everything in between for a truly effective skin care line.