Uses for Scented Candles

Posted by jeff on 5/5/2010 to Candles

Candles have so many uses.  Especially with the wide array of scents that candle making has produced these days, they become an easy solution to so many household or personal issues. The following are 3 awesome ways that scented candles can help you every day.

First, let’s talk household uses. Scented candles have some great uses at home. The wonderful aroma of a scented candle can improve the atmosphere of any living space. Place candles in bathrooms, kitchens and mudrooms to spruce up your home and make it smell blissful.

If children or pets are part of your family, your home may especially benefit from scented candles if you take the proper precautions.  Pet food cupboards, cat litter areas, dog kennels, playrooms and diaper changing stations can turn your nice home into a raunchy wreck! Use scented candles to freshen up even these most troubling areas.

However, when burning candles always make sure these items are out of the way of children and pets. It’s easy to use candles in these problem areas in your home if you simply take a few precautions so your loved ones are not harmed.  Always keep candles out of places where they could fall or be tipped. And never leave burning candles alone.

The second idea for scented candle usage is for stress relief.  Did you know certain types of scented candles can actually help you relax and ease tension?  The idea of aromatherapy puts this into practice.

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils in candle making to cure or ease daily stress.  Who would have thought that smells could be therapeutic? But truly when certain essential oils are emitted through the air, their scent can appeal to the brain and foster calming feelings. This happens in the candle making when oils are infused into candle wax making it an aromatherapy candle.

Third and finally, scented candles can be used to create an ambiance in your house. Any kind of candle can transform your home into a cozy or romantic setting.  However, with scented candles any mood can be achieved. You can find candles with smells that boast of anything from baked goods to seasons of the year.  The only trick is narrowing your scented search down!

And so a scented candle can be an easy solution to everyday issues.  They can freshen up a room, relieve stress, and even set the mood for any occasion. Pick one up today and see how it helps you!