Wholesale Spa Products Private Label

Buying Spa Products in Wholesale

Everyone likes to have a spa day every once in awhile, some of us may even have one once a week. However, everyone has different bodies and reactions to substances used. This can make it tricky to find the right type of products for your spa. Particularly, because many companies will try and sell you an item with no actual benefits to the consumer. This can result in your customers quickly looking for a refund, thus tainting the reputation of your business.

Nonetheless, finding the right manufacturer to acquire high-quality spa products is possible. As a matter of fact, RainShadow Labs will not only provide you with the merchandise necessary to improve your business, but sell to you at an affordable rate. Being a successfully run company for over thirty years has only been possible because of our continuous satisfaction felt by our customers.

The Benefits of Wholesale

Buying in wholesale has quickly become a standardized way of doing business. It originally rose to popularity because of stores like Costco and Sam’s Club. However, more and more manufacturers and businesses are switching to this model; mainly to cut-out the middleman. Ignoring the middleman in this scenario gets the product to you quicker and at a cheaper rate.

You’ll be able to supply your place with enough merchandise for the coming month, at a price lower than any other competitor. Additionally, we can create a product just for your spa parlour, if you don’t see anything in our pre-formulated line. We can assure you your customers will react positively to what we make, as well.

Using High-Quality Organic Products

Many companies have started to use man-made chemicals or harmful substances in the manufacturing of their products. This can create sensitive skin to break-out in blemishes or even dry spells. People with dry-skin are put in an endless loop of constantly using these other products to help them, but it’s only worsening their problem. The use of natural and organic ingredients avoids a lot of these problems and leads to happier customers.

RainShadow Labs has been using natural and organic ingredients for years. It’s one of the ways we maintain a vegan formula in all of our merchandise. Being located in St. Helens, Oregon, only magnified this urge to use the freshest and cleanest foods ands plants. The use of organic products has actually been shown to help skin feel and look softer. The cleansing properties of these plants helps soothe the dryness normally occurred throughout the day.

The use of natural and organic ingredients has been going on since the ancient times, and it’s proven effective since then. Many people who come in for a spa are looking for a relaxing time, and to use materials normally known to cause irritation may not be relaxing for them. Looking through out pre-formulated line you will notice almost all of our products follow this line of thinking.

Types of Products for Your Spa

There are all kinds of products spas use, and many might seem like a waste to use. Thankfully, we have worked with all types of businesses who have been satisfied with our results. Our most popular line of customers are spa parlors, as well. Looking through our long list of merchandise available you will quickly understand why this is the case. Of course, if this is your first time purchasing equipment for your parlor then there are some key beauty tools you should carry.

Massage Oils

The use of essential oils isn’t just to prevent friction and grip during the massage. It helps create a balanced feeling within oneself. The oils will help soothe any inflammation you are experiencing by having the body heighten its natural response to stress. The massage therapist will also moisturize your body with the oil itself.

This is one of the reasons why it’s important to avoid any harmful ingredients, such as sulfates and parabens. Your body is going to take in these nutrients and spread them throughout your body. The use of organic and natural ingredients prevents any adverse effects from occurring and rejuvenates your body, consecutively.

Facial Masks

Facial masks has risen in popularity over the years, and it’s most noticeable use is from charcoal activating facial masks. This popularity is because of how beneficial these tools are to the everyday life. Massaging our formulas on your face will erase any of the toxins existing, while also moisturizing it at the same time.

This prevents your skin from drying out and maintaining the moisture needed to keep a youthful look. Unfortunately, not every company uses organic ingredients. The inclusion of harmful chemicals may seem beneficial at the time, but it’s being pushed deep into your skin, which will only worsen your skin’s look over time. Using only the freshest ingredients prevents this negative consequence.


The use of soaks in a spa is common practice, but the type of soak used can change everything. Our large grind therapy sea salts doesn’t use any sulfates, so it avoids the eventual drying of the skin sulfates cause. Soaks help cleanse your skin, but it mainly helps you relax. You’ll be able to sit there and have your body naturally start to push away the anxieties normally felt.

Where Should I Buy My Spa Products?

RainShadow Labs has been working in this industry for over thirty years. We’ve been able to work with spas, gyms, massage parlours and even coffee shops, to create noteworthy products. Using only the best natural and organic ingredients allows almost anybody to have a relaxing time at your spa parlour. We’ll even help you develop a new high-quality line for your business, only available for you. Through our wholesale program, you’ll be able to stock up your place for the coming weeks without any worry about running out. Contact us now for a consultation on a new product or to learn more about our wholesale program.