Private Label Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

Anti-aging skin care is the type of product that simply never goes out of style. Everyone desires youthful skin no matter their age, but it becomes almost a necessity as the signs of aging start to show. From the sun’s UV rays to other environmental & physical factors, there’s plenty that contributes to aging skin. However, there are also plenty of ways to combat such effects and retain beautiful skin. In other words, certain ingredients are renown for their ability to fight the effects of aging and replenish skin with a youthful appearance. And you can create your own with the best ingredients right here at RainShadow Labs.

Creating quality, private label skin care products is simple with RainShadow Labs, and we have a vast array of ingredients to choose from. In creating private label anti-aging products, you can choose your ingredients, bottling, and logo—plus, we can help you perfectly formulate each product. Before you get there though, take a look at some key ingredients to include in anti-aging skin care products.

Anti-Aging Skin Care: Essential Ingredients

Like we said before, everyone desires youthful skin, especially as the aging and environmental effects come into play. While there’s a variety of anti-aging products available, some simply work better than others. And it’s all about the ingredients. In creating your own private label anti-aging products, consider the ingredients below to ensure your product fights aging and is safe for use. Check them out:


Often called the “cure-all” ingredient, retinol can be found in nearly any anti-aging skin product. A vitamin A derivative, retinol has shown to promote smoother skin, combatting wrinkles, sun damage, dullness, and more. This is all possible because retinol aids in cell regeneration, as well as increase production of collagen and elastin.

B Vitamins

The benefits of B vitamins are specific to skin, but they certainly improve such. Key in converting food to energy for body processes, B vitamins contribute to a range of body functions. This can help give skin and hair necessary nutrients, as well as speed the up the healing process for damaged cells.

Vitamin C

Another common and essential ingredient, vitamin C is said to improve collagen production, as well as combat discoloration. Not only that, but vitamin C has also shown to protect the skin against the sun’s UV rays.


AHAs, or alpha-hydroxy Acids, include glycolic, lactic, citric, and tartaric acids. Most importantly, the glycolic acid has shown to eliminate dead skin cells for smoother and softer skin. In short, AHAs are great for exfoliation—replenishing the skin to fight fine lines and other signs of aging.

Coenzyme Q-10

Though the body produces the antioxidant coenzyme Q-10, it produces less as you age—which makes it key in anti-aging skin care products. Not only has it been shown to reduce eye wrinkles, but it’s also essential in eliminating free radicals. Free radicals disrupt living cells, while antioxidants, such as coenzyme Q-10, work to combat them.

Private Label Skin Care Products with RainShadow

If you’re interested in creating your own anti-aging skin care products, and want to do so private label, consider working with RainShadow Labs. We carry the highest quality ingredients for a range of products, ensuring you offer the best in your private label line. As mentioned above, we can help you create the perfect formula, bottle it, and even add your brand’s logo. For more information on our private label manufacturing, contact us today. You can also give us a call at 503.366.3413.