3 Important Steps to Cleansing your Face

There are 3 important steps to cleansing your face that everyone needs to know. These steps will keep your skin clean, exfoliated, hydrated and looking healthy. Every day these steps should be followed and the proper skin care products from soap distributors should be used.

1. Cleanse your face: You will need a light cleanser. The type of cleanser that you use should be gentle enough to use once or twice daily. The specific soap that you use will depend upon your age and skin type. Use the cleanser at least once every night before you go to sleep. You can use the soap in the morning as well.

2. Tone your face: Toners work well in breaking down oils or dead skin left behind after cleaning the face with a soap cleanser. Toners will often help to reduce the appearance of redness or pores on the face. This is a great way to improve acne or less serious, but common, hormonal breakouts. Only use toners one time per day or once every other day.

3. Moisturize: Moisturizing is a very important part of cleansing your face. When the face is dry, the skin produces more oils, which can create blemishes and can make the face look shiny and dirty. To keep your skin looking both clean and soft, moisturizing day and night is a must.
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