3 Ways to Help a Sunburn Heal Faster

We've all had one before- sunburn. That bright red coloring on our skin is a sign of not only pain and peeling, but also cellular damage that can lead to increased aging, loss of collagen and tone, as well as more serious skin problems. It's why many of us in the private label skincare world are so focused on keeping the skin sunburn free. But even with the best of intentions and diligent attention, accidents happen. And for those times when you find yourself sunburned despite your best efforts, here are some ways to help that sucker heal fast:

Sea buckthorn oil: This first one may come as a surprise for you, but sea buckthorn berry oil is one of the most potent and effective plant oils for helping the skin heal from a sunburn. This is because it is a master skin cell protector with potent photo-protective qualities (when you read "photo" think "light" or "sun"). When the skin suffers a burn, the cells become damaged and the skin wrought with inflammation. By introducing an cellular healing and anti inflammatory substance like sea buckthorn that penetrates both the water and lipid layers of the skin, deep regeneration and halting of further damage is accomplished. 

Aloe Vera: You've no doubt heard this one before, and you have probably used it as well! That's because the wonderful cooling properties of aloe help almost immediately for hot and painful sunburns. It also happens to be high in vitamin E and skin hydrating polysaccharides, which is great for the drying damage that happens after a sunburn. Just make sure you use an aloe that isn't filled with lots of extra fillers, including fake colorings to make it look green. Your skin has no need for those things, so stick to pure aloe!

Apple Cider Vinegar: This one sounds weird, and potentially smelly, but it really does help! Dabbing a sunburn, especially when it's new, with apple cider vinegar can help the burn stop progressing and thus lessen both the duration of the sunburn as well as the damage done by the burn as a whole. While it might burn for a second, we've found this funny little trick to work, and the vinegar smell doesn't last long either. Simply use a cotton ball or wash cloth to blot the sunburned area and let the vinegar dry.
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