5 Tips for Clear Looking Skin According to an Esthetician

 If you are struggling to have clear looking skin past your teen years, our resident esthetician is here to explain her best tips and ingredients. "I see so many clients with mature skin that use drying products due to concern around breakouts. There are much more suitable products ingredients that have additional benefits" , she says.

Gentle Cleanse

When cleansing the skin, you may not be doing it as effectively as you should be. A proper cleanse is the first essential step in maintaining a truly happy complexion - and your skin shouldn't feel stripped and tight after. Cleanse the skin in the morning and evening with gentle cleansing ingredients like Aloe and Colloidal Silver.

Botanical Actives

Use a product with known active ingredients like Niacinamide and Vitamin C.

Don't Touch Your Face

I know it can be so tempting to pick at your skin but trust me, leave it to your esthetician or leave it be. Picking or popping a zit exposes the pore to even more bacteria, including those from your hands. It also increases the risk of infection or scarring. Instead, use a spot treatment overnight with Sulfur (MSM).

Keep it Simple

It's important not to overwhelm the skin with loads of products. Keeping your routine simple with the proper skincare will keep the skin happy and help prevent further breakouts. "My recommendation is to see an esthetician and get a skin analysis done so you can know your true skin type," says Rainshadow Lab's resident esthetician.

Using Targeted Ingredients

Look for products that contain retinoids (Vitamin A) and Glycolic Acid. If you're looking for something more mild, you might benefit from a salicylic and colloidal silver combination. Unfortunately, sometimes after you experience a breakout, there may be dark marks and scarring left on the skin, and this is when actives like Licorice Root and Vitamin C work their magic!

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