Essential Oils for Romance

In addition to their health benefits, essential oils have been used for soothing anxiety, uplifting low spirits, creating a pleasant environment in the home or at work, and yes, as aphrodisiacs. For centuries, certain essential oils have been used by couples to enhance or prepare for intimacy.

Since the 1800s, patchouli has been used as a scent in perfumes and colognes for both men and women, as it is well known for attracting the opposite sex. In its purest concentrated form, essential oil of patchouli has a powerful earthy scent popular for incense and use in diffusers for setting the mood in a room. It can be diluted at a 1%-2% ratio to carrier oil like coconut or almond oil for romantic massage oil. It can also be diluted in distilled water for spritzing around the room.

Ylang Ylang has been used in Indonesia for many years in a tradition of laying ylang ylang flowers on the bed of the bride and groom to encourage passion. In essential oil form, it has been diluted as a tonic for the treatment of sexual difficulties including low libido. It has a pleasant floral scent and many people find this oil to be a lighter scent than patchouli.

Neoroli, an orange blossom, is another wedding tradition. A Victorian bride was given a sprig of neoroli to wear in her hair and another sprig to carry in the bouquet. It was meant to calm her nerves and prepare her for romance.

The rose has long been associated with love. In ancient Egypt, Cleopatra was known to bathe in rose petal-infused water to seduce men. Josephine Bonaparte of France also used the scent of roses to encourage romance. Rose petals are often used to trail up to and on a bed for newlyweds or on anniversaries. Essential oil of rose is strong and can be used in a very diluted from in baths, massage oils, or lotion.

Sandalwood creates both a soothing feeling and romantic mood and is used in many perfumes. It is pricey, but a little goes a long way.

Other aphrodisiac essential oils are clary sage, vanilla, vetiver and jasmine. Experiment with combinations for best results. Make sure the oil is pure essential oil and use it in any of the aforementioned methods to create or enhance the mood for love.

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